English Irregular Verbs

banner_180x120Having trouble learning irregular verbs in English? Our app easily allows you to learn these difficult verbs. You will learn all three forms of each verb: present, past, and perfect (ex: go, went, gone). Our app has 118 irregular verbs divided into 8 lessons with real world applications. You will hear the pronunciation of all verbs in all forms, see the written forms including their phonetic scripts, and all verbs can also be seen in useful sentences with helpful pictures. You can also record yourself and hear your voice played back in comparison with a native speaker. At the end of each lesson you can use our error evaluation to review your mistakes. You will learn, have fun, and its easy access allows you to study anytime and anywhere.



Screenshot_2013-09-30-22-24-328 lessons dedicated to irregular verbs in English







Screenshot_2013-09-30-22-24-48 Tools and methods available to learn in different ways








 After each test and game the results are shown on a three-star scale







Screenshot_2013-09-30-22-25-56 Detailed results immediately after every test







Screenshot_2013-09-17-22-52-20Practice with pictures, phonetic script, and audio








Access to the first 30 words is free. The rest are available at a low price.

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