Learning to Tell Time

banner_hodiny_180x120“Learning to Tell Time” is an engaging educational app designed for children ages 5-9. Included are seven easy to use lessons for young learners with movable hands on the clocks. Each lesson contains a brief description of what is being taught, practice, games, and tests. Children will learn the basics of telling time on both digital and analog clocks using the following target vocabulary: hours, minutes, seconds, quarter hours, and half hours all in a variety of ways including a.m., p.m., in the morning/afternoon/evening and at night.


Screenshot_2014-12-01-14-49-55Learning the hours with pictures, audio, and moving clock hands








Screenshot_2014-12-01-14-49-47Learning the 24 hours in the day with a rising and setting sun











The home screen with 7 lessons and adjustable settings including changing the clock’s appearance








Follow the instructions by using your fingers and setting the clock to the correct time







Screenshot_2014-12-01-14-45-39Correct attempts are shown with golden stars, while red stars signify mistakes







Screenshot_2014-12-01-14-50-08The audio function allows the user to listen to a native speaker, and the ability to repeat all of the audio recordings to further practice listening







Screenshot_2014-12-01-14-44-38Each lesson finishes with a test summarizing the skills taught in the lesson








First two lessons are free. Unlock the rest at a low cost.

Find this application on Google play.

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