Spatial Orientation



banner_orientace_180x120This program is based on a simple principle. Children try to place items in the correct position by using the instructions that are said in the application. This application practices prepositions: on, under, above, left, right, next to, by, in … and more!

The objects are selected either by clicking or moving from the right column of the image area. In this way, children learn the proper use of basic concepts in spatial orientation.

Free version contains 60% of the activities. Unlock the full version at a low cost.


Screenshot_2014-06-16-15-34-19The home screen provides five different locations to choose from




Screenshot_2014-06-16-15-56-50Questions appear on the right along with audio





Screenshot_2014-06-16-15-57-04Directions also appear, requiring the user to drag the objects to the correct position





Screenshot_2014-06-16-15-58-58You can even play under the sea!






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