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Eye games, Dyslexia

Eye Games are a fun way to help the brain make connections regarding pictures, letters, shapes, and backgrounds. With more than 200 exercises to choose from, these are games that can be played by absolutely anyone. It can help to test the theory about dyslexia and help with reading disorders, brain injury recoveries, and much more.

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The games are chosen based upon age level. Kids as early as three years old can begin using the games, and it can help to improve visual perception. Various backgrounds are used and questions are simple enough, asking children to drag pictures into a wagon. In some instances, children will have to drag the same picture and other times they will have to drag a different picture – or even an overlapped picture.

Positive reinforcement is given as correct answers are made, and fun animations and sound is used in order to keep children interested in playing the games.

With more than 200 exercises/games to choose from, it will be a way to keep kids interested for longer periods of time. As they master different games, they can move up to the next age level and continue to identify pictures. The backgrounds changed, making it more complicated, which can also help them to spend a little bit more time to identify the shapes or letters to ensure that they are choosing correctly.


Children who suffer from dyslexia and more can benefit from these eye games because of the orientation and rotation used on the shapes and letters. Many children are able to overcome this disability because it is simply about learning to process the images – and this is where these games can assist in many instances.

The app is relatively small in size, making it easy to install on any android device. It has been highly rated, and children enjoy playing the games all the way up until six years old, and some enjoy it even past that age.

Download the app today and start playing the Eye Games that can make a difference in your child’s learning and overall association with letters, words, and images! It can be a fun and educational game your children will enjoy playing over and over again.

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English Irregular Verbs

banner_180x120Having trouble learning irregular verbs in English? Our app easily allows you to learn these difficult verbs. You will learn all three forms of each verb: present, past, and perfect (ex: go, went, gone). Our app has 118 irregular verbs divided into 8 lessons with real world applications. You will hear the pronunciation of all verbs in all forms, see the written forms including their phonetic scripts, and all verbs can also be seen in useful sentences with helpful pictures. You can also record yourself and hear your voice played back in comparison with a native speaker. At the end of each lesson you can use our error evaluation to review your mistakes. You will learn, have fun, and its easy access allows you to study anytime and anywhere.



Screenshot_2013-09-30-22-24-328 lessons dedicated to irregular verbs in English







Screenshot_2013-09-30-22-24-48 Tools and methods available to learn in different ways








 After each test and game the results are shown on a three-star scale







Screenshot_2013-09-30-22-25-56 Detailed results immediately after every test







Screenshot_2013-09-17-22-52-20Practice with pictures, phonetic script, and audio








Access to the first 30 words is free. The rest are available at a low price.

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Spatial Orientation



banner_orientace_180x120This program is based on a simple principle. Children try to place items in the correct position by using the instructions that are said in the application. This application practices prepositions: on, under, above, left, right, next to, by, in … and more!

The objects are selected either by clicking or moving from the right column of the image area. In this way, children learn the proper use of basic concepts in spatial orientation.

Free version contains 60% of the activities. Unlock the full version at a low cost.


Screenshot_2014-06-16-15-34-19The home screen provides five different locations to choose from




Screenshot_2014-06-16-15-56-50Questions appear on the right along with audio





Screenshot_2014-06-16-15-57-04Directions also appear, requiring the user to drag the objects to the correct position





Screenshot_2014-06-16-15-58-58You can even play under the sea!






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Learning to Tell Time

banner_hodiny_180x120“Learning to Tell Time” is an engaging educational app designed for children ages 5-9. Included are seven easy to use lessons for young learners with movable hands on the clocks. Each lesson contains a brief description of what is being taught, practice, games, and tests. Children will learn the basics of telling time on both digital and analog clocks using the following target vocabulary: hours, minutes, seconds, quarter hours, and half hours all in a variety of ways including a.m., p.m., in the morning/afternoon/evening and at night.


Screenshot_2014-12-01-14-49-55Learning the hours with pictures, audio, and moving clock hands








Screenshot_2014-12-01-14-49-47Learning the 24 hours in the day with a rising and setting sun











The home screen with 7 lessons and adjustable settings including changing the clock’s appearance








Follow the instructions by using your fingers and setting the clock to the correct time







Screenshot_2014-12-01-14-45-39Correct attempts are shown with golden stars, while red stars signify mistakes







Screenshot_2014-12-01-14-50-08The audio function allows the user to listen to a native speaker, and the ability to repeat all of the audio recordings to further practice listening







Screenshot_2014-12-01-14-44-38Each lesson finishes with a test summarizing the skills taught in the lesson








First two lessons are free. Unlock the rest at a low cost.

Find this application on Google play.

English audio flashcards [PMQ]

Screenshot_2013-01-16-21-19-33 Screenshot_2013-01-16-21-19-46 Screenshot_2013-01-16-21-20-54

Learn over 500 English words easily. This is also perfect for small children! The application is controlled using pictures, so no reading required. Each phrase is recorded by a native speaker in English. This application can be used effectively for traveling as it also contains practical categories including: airport, city, commerce, food, hospitals and many others.

The first six lessons are completely free with further lessons available for a great price (Google play).

Program description:
Choose a lesson with specific category, and then select from one of three options.
1. Recognize
There are six pictures displayed and one word is read in the English language. If you match the correct picture then you can continue to the next word. If you choose the wrong picture then it is marked and your selection can continue. Each wrong attempt is remembered and the words are repeated at the end.
2. Memory game (flash cards)
This game contains 10 random duplicated cards from a selected lesson. Cards are listed with the reverse side and can be turned over in pairs. The aim of this game is to find all pairs with a minimum number of tries.
3. See
All card from selected lesson are displayed. English text is showed under each card. The text can be read by clicking on a flag button.
4. Speak
Test your pronunciation. Speak; record and listen your words. Compare your improvement.

All categories:
Numbers from 0 till 10
Animals in the wild
Domestic animals
Animals in the wood
Numbers from 11 till 20
Numbers 10, 100, 1000
Living room